Never mind 15 1 tempis for the Grand Prix, Vitall and I are managing to bang off 20 now almost every day. A big smile breaks across my face every time we finish a line and in my head I’m dancing around in circles going: “yes, yes, yes!”

I have also been working on other elements from the test. Vitall doesn’t like the half passes being so steep. The first few times he gives me a few grunts like he is saying: “Bend that much, mom?” But then he gives into it and gives me effortless half passes. The Pi and Pa transitions are becoming much smoother now, as well we are able to get in and out with almost no mistakes. We are slowly getting the flow of each movement. It is a lot to put together, but now that it is all coming together it is really fun riding each movement. It gives you a rush, with each one being so different.

Anky has been away on holiday, so it’s been nice to play around a little bit on my own. Maintaining the feeling without being reminded all the time, makes me always check in with myself that I am doing this the proper way. I have also been taking Vitall out on trails since the weather has been so fantastic. It was 28 degrees the other day and felt like summer. I have to admit I got a little bit burnt while I was lying in the sun and Oslo took for some shade under my lawn chair.

I’m starting to make my competition schedule, starting in June at one of the practice shows where you go and can ride the test and the judge gives feedback on the camera. I think this is the best place to start because there is zero pressure and I can wear a headset, so I can have Anky in my ear coaching me around the test. After a few practice shows I plan to do a couple national shows here in Holland then move onto a few CDI’s later in the year.

This month is flying by, never mind how quick the year is going. I look at the calendar and can’t believe how quick time goes by. Later this month, my friend Sara and her dad are coming to stay with me for a few days while they see her stallion and, sometime in June, my mom is coming for a visit. I am really looking forward to it, as she hasn’t seen Vitall in a year since I am always popping home instead of her coming over. There are a lot of exciting things coming up in the next few months!