This week has gone by really fast. I was pretty tired Monday after working the weekend. This week I’ve been riding a few extra horses since Jan is away in Texas for the USDF symposium. 

I got all my xmas shopping done now. I found great Christmas cards so I was pleased. I went to meet with the family that Oslo is staying with while I am at home. The man was so nice. I will probably cry dropping Oslo off he is my little baby. But the family is really nice and he will make him his eggs for breakfast to keep his normal routine and give him lots of love. The nice thing is I can email everyday if I wanted.

Tomorrow (thurs) we are having a celebration called “Lucia”. It’s a nordic tradition I had never heard of it but everyone gets dressed up. I get to be Santa because I have a lot of red cloths since red is our country color. Melanie gets to be rudolph and she is going to pull me on a chair. Then we all sing and eat cookies and have this drink called “glug”. I am not totally sure what it is but I will let you know once I have tasted it. On Friday we have a big dinner and show to go to in the next town 30 min away. I’m looking forward to that, it’s a big play and supposed to be really good.

My pilate’s went really well on Monday. I was thrilled with the women she was so nice and spoke great English. The studio had all the latest equipment and she picked on every detail and was very hands on. That is something I really like in a trainer in riding and personally. I liked to be picked at. It felt nice to be back at Pilates and felt the difference riding on Tuesday. I kept reminding myself to sit up, become taller and to connect with my abs and not my hip flexors. We easily as riders connect into our hip flexers to much which strains our lower backs because we are not using our ABS. We all do it, me included!  I am going to see her once more before I head home for the holidays. When I am back I’m going to go 2x a week :).

I will make sure to take pictures off the xmas parties.