VitallPoppy.jpgPop Art and Vitall have become “fellow Canadian” friends. Ashley is over here training for the Hickstead CDI in England and training for the remainder of the summer. I must say, it’s been nice having fellow team mates here.

Aachen was Incredible! Sadly my camera died, but I think everyone knows what Aachen looks like… Huge Arena. Makes you want to just ride in there and show off. I can’t wait to show there one day. But I spent most of my time at the warm-up arena. I was up close and personal with all the top guns and was literally a foot away from Totilas. He is beautiful in person, he has such soul and beauty when you see him in real life. I also watched Laura B on her main horse. I couldn’t believe how big he was, she looks like a little peanut up there but she is also a lovely rider. 

Morgan did a great job with Painted Black. I’ve never seen Anky so nervous, she was almost shaking watching Morgan’s test. She had to have her hand over her mouth so she didn’t start yelling part way through the test, it gave me a good chuckle. But everyone was all smiles at the end of her test. 

I was also impressed with the stabling at Aachen, it’s very comfortable for the horses.

Funny thing happened to me driving home with Anky. We are zipping along the highway just chatting away, we had a great time talking I learned a lot and heard lots of fun stories. Without knowing it, I had bought a bottle of carbonated water….. so of course when I open it water went EVERYWHERE! All over my lap, onto Anky and all over her dashboard… in her new mini! I made a little scream like oh Sh**** sorry!!!!!! Luckily she just laughed it off and said “Hey, it’s only water” but I was a tad embarrassed.

Vitall has been going really well, improving every single day, and becoming stronger and stronger. We are still continuing to ride the lines of the test and working on the Pi and Pa transitions over centre line so we both feel confident with it. The 1 tempi’s are 100% confirmed now which is a huge sigh of relief since that was the bug a boo for so long.

In other news, my dad is coming for a visit this coming weekend for 5 days. It will be his first time at Anky’s and seeing Vitall in a year. I am really looking forward to seeing him and showing our progress. After that I am heading to Rome from Aug 1-5 for a small holiday and to catch some sunshine. I’ve had to face facts that summer is already ove in Holland. It has been raining non-stop, very bleak and a bit depressing. Oh well, I just keep smiling and enjoy my days regardless.

Update after Rome with a full photo report! I will make sure the camera is charged this time!