This week has been very quiet. It’s back to fall here, pouring rain for almost a week strait, and I have had to pull out my down jackets again. A big change from 25* from the previous weeks. Just means I get all my laundry and cleaning done.

Vitall has been good and had the weekend off. Saturday he had his lunging day which he loves as he leaps about and squeals with delight. Sunday we all spent the day napping and being lazy.

This week I rode Vitall in his snaffle bridle for a change and so that I could work on contact and going forward. Today I put the double back on and he felt way better. 

Not much to report about this week other then my trip with Anne Rita to a big tack store the other day. We ended up getting very lost on the way and we drove 40 min in the wrong direction. We eventually got everything sorted and found our way back to where we needed to go. As it turned out, the trip was not wasted and was well worth the drive. The tack store had everything you could possibly need including tons and tons of Pikeur pants – so when I need new pants thats where I’m going! Anne Rita bought a beautiful new double bridle.

I’m going home tomorrow for a week. Anky will ride Vitall and Oslo is having to stay behind this week with Corne and his family.