I had my first Swedish “Mid Summer” celebration. We had a big BBQ and played some “Swedish games”, it was certainly a different experience but a lot of fun!

Jan has come back from France so today he did an elvaluation of me and my horse. Jan likes to observe horses and riders and watch their personalities and how they do things instead of just changing things automatically. I really value that approach as a rider as it can be very intimidating to ride under a new coach especially someone as accomplished as Jan Brink. His evaluation of my horse was that he had 3 very good gaits, changes are where they should be for  a 7 year-old. The only holes he saw is that he is a bit unsteady when it comes time to bring him up in the frame. This is common with young horses and he suggests that you work 5-10 minutes gradually building everyday schooling some test movements to prepare you for “show time”. Jan is also going to sit on my horse tomorrow to get a feeling for himself. I can’t wait to watch him ride my horse.

Kyra Kyrkland is also here this week working with the Swedish National Team so Tullstrop has become a very busy place today and will be for the next few days. Kyra will be teaching in Swedish but I am going to sit in and watch even though I won’t be able to understand – I can still learn from watching.

Also this week is the Scandavian Championships. Sara Henrietta, one of the top young riders in Sweden, is going and Jan is her coach so those two will be on their way to Denmark on Wednesday. I have been riding two of Jans stallions for the last week while he was out of town, Biggles, one of Briar’s sons, and Roosevelt. These two are amazing horses and teaching me a lot. It makes getting on my horse easier everyday after experiencing new feelings and techniques with them.

This is truly an experience of a lifetime, I wouldn’t change it for the world. I have made some great friends and we all have a blast living together. It has become my new family and we are all very close and make sure to have fun after a long days of work in order to stay in good spirits. I will post some pictures up of the stallions and the clinic with Kyra later this week!