Jan24.jpgBeing creative has been the name of the game for training over the last little bit. We have to keep tricking Vitall for his 1 tempi’s because he is getting so excited and hot off my leg. If I even touch him he is ready to go and pretty much just takes off. It’s like a kid jumping up and down saying “I get it, I get it!” He is like an energizer bunny at the moment.  I like how “hot” he is getting which makes it a fun challenge but also requires a lot of patience.

The tricks we have found this week are working on the Zig Zag going 5-6 metres each way. Working on this made it possible to make changes without him jumping from my leg because he immediately had to go sideways. I would repeat this a few times then wait untill I was closer to the corner and then ask for the one tempi’s. It’s easier to make the changes before the corner because he has less room to run which helps me keep him short and quick.

The Piaff and Passage transitions are becoming easier and easier now that we are both getting the rhythm of it. Vitall is seamless in them and his natural ability is amazing. It’s a really neat feeling to sit on and as he gets stronger he has so much lift you feel like you are floating.  One thing I have really noticed over the last few weeks is how much stronger he has become in his balance. He is able to carry himself more and more. I said to Anky that he feels like he is growing up. I have to say I am really proud of my boy.

I guess everyone is dying to know what Anky’s new boy is like. He is the new star of the stables with everyone looking and watching. He is really sweet and kind and looks like a blast to ride. He has settled right in at the barn. I’m really looking forward to watching Anky train him over the next few months and seeing them become a team. It’s going to be pretty spectacular I think.

I’m sad my spring weather has disappeared a bit it has been raining non-stop and been very grey.  That’s when I really appreciate living in the barn – I don’t even have to go outside If I don’t want :).