I’m back across the pond from a great ten days at home. The trip was really nice and I had a great birthday party with friends I hadn’t seen in a while and, of course, my family. I spent a lot of time with my little nephew Liam at the park with the dogs. Oslo flew back and fourth with me and in known as a star among all the KLM employees in both Amsterdam and  Vancouver. They give him the royal treatment – aka tons of treats. I’m really amazed how accommodating and kind all the KLM employees are and I’m extremely helpful. If you are ever flying with your pet I definitely recommend KLM.

My first day back I went to say hi to Vitall and give him a kiss. He just looked at me like “oh, please” and put his bum in my face. He always treats me like this the first day I’m home, not even a carrot convinces him. But the next morning I called out to him and he answered back this time with excitement “Ooh! My mom is here!” He was really cuddly for the entire day which put a big smile on my face… spoiled boy!!!

Exciting news…. Anky got 15 1 tempi’s!!!!! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got the email. Now I just have to put it into action. First day back was a bit tough, but he felt great. My reactions have been a bit slow all week; I feel when I need to react but my mind and body are a bit disconnected. I have to kick it back into gear!!!!! I did manage to get 8 1 tempi’s the first day so at least I wasn’t too slow :).  We have been working on the changes, pirouettes and a bit of Pi and Pa (piaff/ passage). I’ve also focused on speed control in the trot in the “show frame” being able to speed him up and slow him down with out the frame changing.  I’m really happy with how training is progressing and things are really clicking to where they should be. Everyday we are getting one step closer to GP.

It was a big change in weather for me over the last few weeks. When I left Holland it felt like summer, then I enjoyed rainy Vancouver, and now it is still like summer again. I even rode in my t-shirt the other day when it was 21 degrees.  Feels like I’m in California! 

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