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Back in Action in Wellington

It’s been awhile since I have given everyone an update, but

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Covergirl and I.

Covergirl and I.

It’s been awhile since I have given everyone an update, but I will be back in action blogging two times a month!

I can’t believe I am going into my fourth summer here in Wellington, Florida. Time flies!

The horses have been going really well. Vitall had a bit of a set back over the last year and a half with his previous injury from Europe. This past weekend I had him back in the show ring again. It felt great to be able to ride down centreline with him. I didn’t realize how much I had missed it until we walked out after the test and I was flooded with emotion and excitement.

Check out the video of him dancing away at the PS of Sweden photo shoot debuting their new colour of saddle pad and wraps:

I also competed Covergirl (aka Shiatsu), whom I bought about a year ago. Up until now I since I bought her I have just taken the time to build a relationship with her and build up her training. She is a big horse and needed some time. I competed her fourth level test one and I couldn’t have been happier with her as well. She gave me the most rideable feeling in the ring she went in with such confidence and rose to the occasion. She reminds me a bit of Elektra, this go get ’em mare attitude.

Faye also did her first ever third level test she kept the show the most entertaining for me. We have been schooling the PSG. Let’s just say she didn’t want to do single changes and kept trying to do tempi changes and for my 10m circles she thought she should make a pirouette. All I could do is smile and laugh during the test, couldn’t blame her for trying at the end of the day she was a really good girl!

All three horses will compete again in June.

Visiting the Everglades.

Visiting the Everglades.

We are getting into our hottest months. I’m not sure I am ready for it. Every summer feels hotter then the last. Thankfully, I have a covered to ride in! I am still enjoying living here, I have been getting more involved in the community. A little while ago I went to the mayor’s ball for the Homeless Coalition. It was a beautiful charity event. I also went and checked out the everglades in Miami and did an airboat ride, which I have been dying to do since I have moved here. Got to hold a baby alligator and see lots of gators during the boat ride, the scenery was incredible. You forget what’s in your backyard. I would recommend anyone to go and do an airboat ride if they’re here visiting. It’s a blast!

The benefit of having visitors is that I get to go play tourist. My friend Kendal from Nashville was here. We actually met at Anky’s five years ago and have stayed friends. After the airboat ride we went to Miami, Wynwood District, which is known for its art scene and murals. It’s a really neat area. We needed a day just to walk around and take in all the different museums and murals.

A trip to Wynwood.

A trip to Wynwood.

I can’t forget to give an update on Oslo! He is doing well. He’s aging, he sees a chiropractor and gets magna waved 2x a week to help with his back legs; they’re starting to get weak. But these treatments are keeping him strong and fit. Next blog I’ll share some photos and more info on the chiropractor I have been using for Oslo, myself and the horses. Its a one stop shop at the barn and absolutely amazing results.