It is absolutely freezing here. I was spoiled being home with our 12-15 degree weather. 

Vitall is doing really well. They took excellent  care of him. He gave a big nicker when I called to him the first day at the barn and his eyes lit up. I think he thought I sold him. I watched Anky ride him the other day and he looks fantastic. She really likes him and said she was happy to have sat on him to feel his little issues like his balance and becoming lighter not leaning into the hand. She rode him through the PSG last week and said it was a breeze and it will be even easier once he becomes lighter. That is our homework before we compete!

To create a better balance we will keep working on the excersises that we have been doing before I was off. We will keep working on the “basics”, simple walk/trot transitions. These transitions help create the ultimate in lightness in the aids because the horse has to be completely on the aids. Meaning reacting to your half halts your aids between your leg hand and seat. 

My wrist is feeling better slowly getting more strength. I sat on Vitall yesterday and jogged him to see how I managed. I’m just a bit weak but luckily with my splint I can hold the reins no problem. All I feel is a bit out of shape.

I have also moved into the apartments at the barn. WOW is all I have to say! Oslo and I have a king size bed, a big tv on the wall our own private bathroom and a small kitchen.  There is also a main kitchen for all of us to share and a lounge that is just being finished with a bar, big screen t.v. and a terrace for the summer for us to sit out on. There are 13 apartments only but 7 are finished right now. The first 4 are for the staff and the rest are for students for Anky’s Education center.

I’m really excited to be back and looking forward to getting back into training full swing!