Feb1collage.jpgAnky was away in Spain this past week for a clinic so I had some time to train on my own. I experimented with the changes and tried a few other movements from the Grand Prix test. 

I left the one tempi’s alone a bit and worked on basic single changes as well as 4,3,2 tempi’s to gain some control. Making the changes seem normal again and Vitall didn’t feel any pressure, he just got back into the rhythm. After doing a few lines he become a lot calmer and the changes also became a lot of more clear with proper jump and expression.


I also tried working on the zig zag half passes from the Grand Prix test.  I was actually really happy how easy Vitall found the half passes, especially at the trot going from one side of the ring to other. He did this with ease but he still found the left a little bit harder than the right, but nothing like it was before.

I also worked on extended trot. I think the extended trot is where I am seeing a lot of changes. He is able so sustain his balance so much easier and carry himself and lift right out of the shoulder. I looked over at one of the girls I was riding with and said “Yes, finally we have a trot!” Since Elektra always had a fantastic extended, I have been looking forward to getting that feeling again and now we have it.

Other then riding, a friend and I went shopping for Carnival costumes. For those of you who don’t know, Carnival is right before Lent in the middle to end of February. It is a big celebration with lots of parades and you dress up in costumes like we do on Halloween. I went to one store to go look for costumes and I couldn’t believe my eyes – it was HUGE and I didn’t even know where to start. This year I will be going on a float with Willeke, Anky’s head groom, and her friends and we have to be dressed up in green. Another night I will go out with some of the other girls dressed up as a devil. I missed Carnival last year because of my wrist but I think experiencing the Vancouver Olympics was much like Carnival in spirit.

It’s back to being freezing cold here again which hasn’t been so nice for my wrist that I broke last year so I am back at physio trying to fix it.