The new apartment is starting to feel like home now and I’m really enjoying it. Oslo likes his new home, he has found his spot on the couch by the window where the sun shines in… he sleeps there all day just basking in the sunshine. My dad always says he wants to come back as a french bull dog, I couldn’t agree more when I see him sitting there somedays.  

Vitall has been going well and continues to improve everyday. I have to say, I never really have bad rides on him. Some days he’s a little bit strong or more stubborn then others, but he is never really “bad”.  We are still working on his 1 tempi’s, they are getting much easier now that he has decided he sorta gets what we want. He isn’t freaking out and running away and he stayes with me a bit more. The odd time he still gets a bit excited, but we are making progress. It’s a learning curve for both of us. Anky said the trick with them is you just have to keep doing them until you both understand it. We are the blind leading the blind slowly finding our way.

This past weekend we did a girls night out. It had been awhile since all of us from the barn got together as a group and had fun. So Saturday night we did a night out and had a blast! We didn’t get to bed till 5:30am. We were all bit groggy at the barn the next day, thankfully it was a Sunday and we could all rest and be ready for work again on Monday. Anky’s barn is the first training barn I have been in where they’re so many girls and yet we all get along. It really is a small family and everyone supports each other 100% and watches out for one another. It’s a great feeling having such a great support team, escepcially when you are so far away from your own family.

This past weekend I had a rep for Custom saddles come out and re measure Vitall for a new saddle. Engie, the rep for Custom here in Holland, brought me their new models to try. I sat in on of the newest ones, the Icon Coda. It was one of the best saddles I have ever sat in. I looked at Engie after a couple rounds of sitting in it and all I could say is “Wow!” The saddle put me directly in the centre, I didn’t have to move around to find my place, I was automatically right where I needed to be without feeling locked or stuck in the saddle. After a few rounds of trot and canter, I stopped and all I could say when can mine be ready?! April was the answer, so I am now counting down the days ’till my new saddle arrives.

Here are some photos of my new animal friends in my front yard.