I’m slowly starting to feel better after being in bed almost all weekend resting. I got up Saturday and rode 3 horses then went strait back to bed. Same goes for Sunday, I slept in and then took Oslo and Vitall for a walk.

I started riding one of the stallions here, Double Diamond, I really like him. He is plain brown with a big, big tail and kind eyes. Most people at the barn find him irritating on the ground because he is always trying to bite you and pulling around but I discovered his secret… he just wants attention. For the past few days I’ve given him a cuddle while I am putting his bridle on and another cuddle after riding him and he loves it. He just closes his eyes and lets out a big sigh, it melts your heart. Since I’ve started doing that he has stopped biting me. He moves like a cat very loose through the body swinging through the back. 

Vitall was very fresh and spooky Saturday. The weather has gotten a bit colder and it was windy so he was being a bit spooky and getting a little tense in the changes which is Ok. When he gets like this I like to do some “show training” and it made the trot work fantastic, he was very expressive! Next week we are going to go through another test to prepare for the October shows, only 3 weekends away now. It is amazing how time flies, it seems like I just got here and summer is already over. My parents are coming for a visit again. I’m really looking forward to seeing them, I miss them a lot. I am so used to sharing my days at the barn with my mom so that has been one of the hardest adjustments not seeing her everyday but it is part of growing up.