June12collage.jpgAfter 12 hours of travelling and sitting in airports, I finally made it back to Tullstorp. Let’s just say it is a far cry from the Greek sun here – it’s cold and rainy. Good thing I am from Vancouver and used to it! (The pictures are from when I first arrived before I left for Greece.)

Jan was nice… I couldn’t get hold of one of the girls to come get me from the train station. So Jan came and got me so I wasn’t stranded! He is such a generous and kind person.  Vitall and Oslo arrived the same time I did which caused a slight panic as I was not expecting them till Friday. We got it all sorted out though and Vitall nickered at me from the trailer and Oslo came barreling towards me like I had been gone a 100 years,  it was so cute. It melted my heart to have my animals greet me like that.

Vitall settled in right away took him for a nice long walk and then he dove into his food. The next morning I took him for a walk then he went into bed and lied down, he was really tired.

I also made my first excursion on my own with my little car driving manual which is a new thing for me. I made it to the grocery store with no problems so that added some comfort.

Corne Voskens drove Vitall for me. He is the agent that helped me find Vitall last year he did it as a favor to save some money as shipping here is very expensive and he knew the horse so I felt more comfortable with him driving then a stranger. After we had everything settled he needed some coffee… well… I don’t drink coffee. I had no idea how to make it for him I had to ask one of the working students Phillip to make it I felt like a real blond in that moment.

Now the plan is to get settled into a routine. Breakfast is from 7-8 then everyone starts riding till 1pm. I’m having a meeting with Jan this weekend to come up with a game plan for the season.