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I’m Pippa Cuckson and have been part of the furniture in the UK equestrian media for over 35 years, associated mostly with Horse & Hound and more recently the Daily Telegraph. Some of you may recognize my name from my more recent campaigning for a clean-up of endurance in the Middle East, and for the "phantom rides" expose. Endurance ended up becoming something of a global cause celebre, for which media colleagues around the world have generously recognised me, with a couple of awards.

I would not presume to label myself as an "investigative journalist," though I would love to receive your suggestions about any other subjects you feel wants putting under the microscope. And when I am not doing any delving, I look forward to sharing with you my personal ruminations about the overall European scene.

Marmoog Watch Continued and Democracy at Work

It’s seven months and 11 days since The Daily Telegraph gave the FEI photographic evidence of Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum (Crown Prince of Dubai, new world champion and stepson of outgoing FEI president Princess Haya) riding two different horses under read more

2,000 Penalty Points? Step Up to the Podium, Please!

I have keenly read debate on social media and elsewhere as to whether the all-sports-in-one-basket formula has reached its sell-by date, in the wake of the shambolic WEG at Normandy. I don’t know Bromont, but from what one can deduce read more

A Small Step on the Road of Rule Enforcement

I was unexpectedly in the news myself this week when the FEI Tribunal upheld the protest I lodged with fellow journalist Lucy Higginson over the Bahrain endurance “video nasty” that caused such public anger back in February. Horse-Canada and others read more

Glad to be Here, But Also Wishing I Was There…

Burghley 2014 will long be remembered as an “I was there” tick-box. Even before Andrew Nicholson and Avebury had sealed their historic third consecutive win, spectators were revelling in a collective adrenalin rush. Avebury raced to the top of the read more

French Farce

“We are truly sorry Ceri Kennedy. And everyone. We told everyone to come as early as possible, and we tried our best to make things smooth… Well it is obvious if you look at this Facebook page so [sic] it read more

On High Alert in Sartilly

Competitors who have never even subconsciously contemplated rule-breaking will be subjected to the type of surveillance one normally associates with electronically-tagged bank robbers out on parole, when the WEG endurance ride sets off from Sartilly on Thursday. “Tamper-proof” GPS units read more

Wholesale Exoneration of Jock Paget and Kevin McNab

There will be mixed feelings in the eventing community regarding the wholesale exoneration of Jock Paget and Kevin McNab for their reserpine doping offences at Burghley 2013. Many people will be feeling terrible that the pair were grounded for so read more

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