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British Columbia, Canada
$ 2,000
Any Discipline
Welsh Pony & Cob.

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#1 chestnut filly pictured with flaxen mane and tail. Very friendly, super well handled, picks feet, loads on trailer etc. $2500

#2 Black weanling in gelding, very friendly, likes humans more than horses, well handled, trailers, picks feets etc. $2500

#3 Light Palomino filly, she is WB x welsh, will finish horse size. She is the friendliest foal ever, has worn halter.

#4 Buckskin friesian x welsh filly, will finish horse size. Very friendly, correct conformation, very modern and unique.

#5 Section B Grey welsh colt. Out of Hunter pony show mare.

#6 Welsh x TB chestnut roan filly. Will mature small elegant horse