Winsong’s Spring Fundraiser

Winsong Farm's spring fundraiser is coming up this Sunday. This article highlights who and what will be at the fundraiserm and what people can expect.

Fabulous Eastern Clinics

In the new format for the clinics, I give the participants a set of behaviours that they can take away and use in their daily work with their horses.

Barn Safety Part 1

Professionals who visit such as your vet, farrier, chiropractor or etc., all appreciate a horse who can stand relaxed in the barn while they work.

Snow White and Her Dwarfs

This article showcases a couple of videos of Dora the pony and her dwarfs and some of the new things they've been working on at Winsong Farm.

Helping the Herd Bound Horse

The herd provides company and safety. Belonging to a herd assures each member that they will follow a matriarch to food and water.

Spring Fundraiser Heads Up

It looks like Sunday May 7th will be the date for the spring performances at Winsong Farm which will include a performance by Dora, and more.

An Interesting Theory…

When Winnie's horse, Zelador began bucking out of the blue after starting a right lead canter she reached out to Evelyne Bernhardt who provided some insight