Barn Safety Part 2: Tying

Standing tied is also an important aspect to barn safety. Many horses feel restricted due to their natural claustrophobia when they are tied.

Is Whole-Body Vibration Beneficial?

Several teams of researchers conducted studies on the effects of whole-body vibration on: hoof growth, muscle metabolism, flexion tests, and more.

My Horse is Not a Fan of Fish Oil

So, my older guy decided that he would not/could not eat any of the big jug of fish oil I'd bought him (but luckily I was able to give it to another horse).

Capturing the Dance

They've done a square dance on horseback with the boys side by side so they didn’t think it’d be a great leap to dance side by side. Wrong.

Playing with Dora

In this article, Dora plays one of her favourite games, involving bowling pins, and works on a new painting trick. Keep reading to follow Dora's adventures.

Cavalia Liberty Trainer Elise Verdoncq

This week’s blog is a bit different. It features Elise Verdoncq, a liberty horse performer with Cavalia who has been working on the show for many years.

Learning the Alphabet and How to Dance

There were participants in this clinic a bit further along so it was great fun for the beginners to be able to see further into the future of Equispeak™.

Meet Ride TV Founder Craig Morris

Ride TV is a new television network that was recently approved by the CRTC for airing in Canada featuring shows like Rock Star Vets, This Old Horse & more.