Trainer and Stuntwoman Niki Flundra

In this article trainer and stuntwoman Niki Flundra answers questions about training liberty horses, what she enjoys about working with horses, and more.

Borrowing from the Dogs

We started to play with how to do horse things in more of a dog way. Why wouldn’t we? After all, we are out of the box thinkers to start with.

New App Has Heart Rate and GPS Monitors

Kentucky Equine Research has developed an “App” to use in combination with heart rate and GPS monitors in horses, THE KER ClockIt Smartphone application.

Spring Song’s Self Loading

Spring Song hasn’t been on a trailer in three years, however, that doesn't mean she doesn't have tricks up her sleeve, like loading all by herself.

The Next 150 Years

My hope for the next 150 years is that all animal training becomes more aware of the animal’s intelligence and treats them as the sentient beings they are.

A Pre-Flight Check

This article explores both Hombre and Spring Song's pre-flight checks, what exactly this means, and the process of getting Hombre to walk onto a tarp.