The Horse Dancer’s Sophie Bolen

Meet actress Sophie Bolen, star of several horse films, including most recently, The Horse Dancer, now available on Canadian Netflix.

Business is Positively Booming

This article showcases some photos and videos from fun intermediate clinics in Ontario. The clinics had amazing people who embraced the work and ran with it

Ride Forever

Today during a riding lesson with Alex, we worked on our garrocha pole routine which we debuted last Sunday at the fundraiser for The Horse Sanctuary.

Where’s Blue?

Winnie exited the barn out the south door, stopped and looked east, south and west. No Blue. She turned east, then headed north along the side of the barn.

The ‘Scary’ Water Bottle Obstacle

Find out how to use water bottles as obstacles with your horse in order to gain trust, and to show the horse they don't have to be scared of new things.

Meet a RCMP Musical Ride Member

Every year, a group of RCMP officers and their black horses take to the road to showcase one of the most iconic Canadian pictures ever.

Winsong Farm’s Fall Fundraiser

Winsong Farm’s Fall Fundraiser will take place Sunday October 15, 2017, from 2:00-3:30 p.m., in support of the Horse Sanctuary, run by Lillian Tepera.