More Fun with Noel

Noel came to the house for her second visit recently. This time, a bean bag was added for her to sit on and some nifty shoes and slippers for her to model.

Noel’s Indoor Piano Recital

This was Noel's second look at the horse piano. She figured out on Sunday how to make the note farthest to the left, "C", create a sound.

Tracking Horses in the Snow

The sweeties had spent a considerable amount of time between the front paddock (facing the 15th Sideroad) and the roundpen connected to the barn.

Of Einstein And Horses

Albert Einstein was probably referring to people in these three quotations. However, they also be applied when working with horses.

Mini Sitting

In this article, providing a video link, Noel the miniature horse showcases her skills and sits down on a bean bag chair.

“Low Carb” Diets for Horses

Horses that are overweight and/or have metabolic problems, are prone to laminitis, PSSM, which creates an increased need for low carb diets.

Noel’s New Shoes

In this article, the miniature horse Noel debuts her new Build-A-Bear shoes and her shoe collection. Keep reading for more information about Noel.