What’s That Strange Noise?

Being on a farm we quite often wonder… “What IS that strange noise? You know, the one behind that wall in the lower barn in Pax’s stall.” Or, “Have you HEARD those squeaks in the wall between the tack room and the arena? Sounds like a litter of raccoons!” Also, “Boy, watch it when you […]

Working Equitation Clinics with Kimberly Garvis

We’ll host two Working Equitation Clinics with Kimberly Garvis this year. The first clinic is June 20 and 21. The second clinic is August 15 and 16. In preparation for the June clinic I’m creating some of the apparatus we need for the tasks. The first task I’m working on is: take a pole out […]

11th Annual Schomberg Farm Tour

Saturday March 14th was the 11th Annual Farm Tour. 466 visitors came to Winsong Farm between 10:00 and 3:00. The horses had a GREAT time! A few notes about the day: 1. I had mentioned on the Farm Tour ticket that Zelador would be in the arena at noon. That was his first of two […]

What Do You See?

Bill took some photos of recent paintings done by the horses. The first one is a bunny, the second, on the BIG wooden canvas, is of the horse jumping/rearing, and the third has a tiny profile of a blond lady in the middle.  

Horse Painting Collection

These are a few of the paintings created by the horses. It’s interesting to turn the paintings 90 degrees, study it, find interesting tidbits, turn it again… I’d love to learn what you see in them!

Attempting to Get a Jump on Show Season

One of the interesting things about running an equestrian facility is the overwhelming diversity of happenings. Every day brings with it new and interesting challenges, but there is also a seasonal cycle of events that works to stretch the imagination and skills…not to mention the pocket book. Although I am 100 per cent ecstatic to […]

What Can Your Horse’s Hair Reveal About His Nutritional Status?

Ensuring your horse is getting all of his required nutrients is important for his overall health and nutrition. As a nutritionist, I feel the best way to determine if a diet is meeting a horse’s nutritional needs is to evaluate the diet for nutritional content. However, a recent study out of Iran sought to determine if […]

Not Our Day to Shine

This week was a bit of a gong show. I sent Jen (Luc’s owner and my sister) off to the barn without me as I had a prior commitment and thought I wasn’t going to be able to make it out to ride. As it turns out, that commitment got cut short, so somehow I […]

Apache Goes to Driving School

Last Monday, unlike today, which is cold and dank and overcast and snowing – was a daisy of day – sunlit, dry driving conditions and two sweaters warm as the Apache and I slid southwards a mere hundred kms to Rise Massey, an avid combined driving competitor and coach operating near High River. In Alberta […]