And Now a Word from My Sponsors…

As my training ramps up and I’m wearing through tights and boots and workout clothes, I thought it was apropos to thank my two amazing sponsors who are ensuring I’m outfitted in some great gear for the Derby. This isn’t shameless product promotion, as I only approached companies I was already loyal to and believed […]

Silver Willow Farm Rescue Fundraiser 1

On April 19th, we hosted a fundraiser in support of Silver Willow Farm Rescue. We raised $789 through admission, donations and paintings. Bill put together this image below featuring Pax’s Spanish Walk, Pax’s Self-Portrait and Pax painting. Our MC, Herb Williams, auctioned off the five framed photos and raised over $150. Sunday April 26th we’re […]

Never a Dull Moment

This past weekend was eventful and FUN! The eventful part started with Bill taking me to Emergency Friday afternoon. I’d taken two or three naps and couldn’t shake off an incredible fatigue. Four hours after arriving at the hospital I was sent home. The blood tests, x-ray, electro-cardiogram, etc. test came back “OK”. Saturday after […]

The Duct Tape Twitch

There are a few viral videos being shared across the web between horse people that are making some laugh, while puzzling others. The “Duct Tape Twitch” has a little bit of irony to it, as the method of sticking tape to a horse’s face is very much like sticking a Bandaid on a large wound. […]

Gone for a GoPro Gallop

As part of my Mongol Derby training, I’ve been forcing myself to ride in situations that make me scared. My theory is that if I do this enough, I’ll develop the mental fortitude necessary to deal with the inevitable moment one of my Mongol mounts goes apeshit over a loose saddle bag or decides to […]

Enjoy the Unexpected

Sometimes the best things in life are completely unexpected. And sometimes, the unexpected isn’t really unexpected. It’s premeditated by an enabler. Yup, I’m talking about Luc’s owner and my sister, Jen, again. She is definitely an enabler when it comes to my riding. Not only is she the one who finally convinced me to get […]

Inspired By Our Peers

I have great news to share with you all. I am helping out Alexandra Kurland, my mentor, at a clicker clinic at Cavalia in Quebec at their home farm this coming week and have been busy prepping for that. If anyone is interested in attending the next clinic there in June please let me know […]

Horsey Art Classes

Here are some photos of the horses hard at work, taken by Ellen Cameron.

Pax’s Big Hit

The combination of a print of Pax’s self-portrait, which he painted on 12/12/12 (that’s right, December 12, 2012) and the photo of Pax in a similar pose was a BIG hit in our booth at the Can-Am Horse Expo at the Markham Fairgrounds.