Horses Painting Horses?

About a month ago there was a notice in our local paper for artists to submit an application to paint a life-size fibreglass horse for the Pan-Am. Someone contacted me and suggested the Winsong Farm horses should apply. I did! We learned ten days ago that we are not in the final 25…sniff. Our friend […]

Spring is in the Air

Exuberance is the buzz word that is often used in describing the first few outdoor rides each spring! Someone should come up with an appropriate phrase to adequately describe the physical/psychological change that occurs in almost every horse’s brain during the initial phases of their outdoor excursions. It baffles my mind that so many beasties […]

The Five-Minute Ride

So this week I did something I have never done before. I rode wearing my glasses. And by rode, I mean I hopped on for all of five minutes. Let me explain. I have been wearing glasses since I was 13. First I only needed them for driving, so much to the horror of my […]

The Hard Work Begins

I woke up this morning and realized it was May. Now only three months until I scramble on top of that first Mongolian horse and bomb over the start line of a 1,000 kilometre journey. After getting my ass kicked in Utah by a 62-year-old, I’ve also realized my fitness needs some work. This past […]

Speaking Their Language

Mops hasn’t had much handling the last month (life and working with other horses!), so as an experiment, photographer Shannon Daly came along a few afternoons back to document if all those hundreds of groundwork hours in 2014 were going to show payback. It was, gloriously, Alberta springtime at its most encouraging – sunshine heating […]

It’s Ribbon Time!

Each year I’m charged with the nerve wracking job of choosing the ribbons that will serve to distinguish the Edenview show series from its competitions. These colourful strips of fabric are ruffled, glued, and pressed to within an inch of their lives until they are transformed into the magnificent symbols of achievement. Every year when […]

Take Two

Our second fundraiser for Silver Willow Farm Rescue brought the total raised to around $1,500. Turns out a monthly hay bill for Silver Willow in the winter is $2,800. Moving right along… For the first time ever we had a loose horse galloping around the arena while another horse was attempting to perform at liberty […]

A Year of Change

Well, it’s been just over a year since I got back in the saddle and a lot seems to have changed… or at least I hope it has. Let’s start with my confidence level. I used to get butterflies just mounting. Now I’m confident to walk, trot and canter bareback, ride and jump without stirrups, […]