Mini Noel Performs at a House Concert

Here’s the video from Saturday’s intermission performance at a House Concert. Noel plays the horse-piano. Thanks to the crew who helped run the show.

Preparing for a House Concert with Noel

Yesterday at 10:00 Bill and I were at Michele Mele’s figuring out the logistics for a miniature horse’s appearance in a House Concert Saturday April 21.

Learning to Drive at Winsong Farm

Here are videos of Dora and Pax driving and a video of Angel learning the first steps towards driving. Another blustery, windy, noisy-nature day.

That Little Devil!

I was in the lower barn doing night feed, water top up and mucking out. I let Dora out of her stall because she was not pounding on her gate (a miracle).

Driving Lessons for Dora and Pax

Winsong Farm’s Dora, the pony, and Pax, the Canadian, are learning to pull a cart and a Country Gig. Watch the videos here and see how they do.