Ice Cream Social – This Weekend!

Here’s information about the May 24, 1:00 to 3:00 Ice Cream Social at Winsong Farm, highlighting breast cancer awareness and our own Dominique Maida who is an inspiration to all of us. Dominique and Donny Maida had their first child, daughter Victoria, in September 2014. In December Dominique was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. […]

Zeloso’s Rear

. When I look at that left hind hoof with perhaps a smidgeon of the toe on the ground…most of Zeloso’s weight is being carried by the RIGHT hind. Or, perhaps, his weight (like his body) is lifting upwards and Zeloso is very light on his hind hooves.

Morning Snooze

Here is a lovely shot Dominique took of the boys snoozing.

The Idea of Riding Clubs Sings!

Back seven years or so I was just wrapping up five years of writing a weekly newspaper equestrian column. I wrote about shelters in Chinook wind country, trick riding and ranch kids, saddle-fitters, bit makers, outfitters and probably darned near every clinician trotting around in North America. On average, about 20 emails or telephone calls […]

Just Out of Reach

Luc had a bit of a vacation this week as his owner, my sister Jen, was out with a nasty cold. I don’t think it was any kind of hardship for him. If given the choice I think he’d like to be retired. I can totally relate. I did think his time off might translate […]

AND The Season Starts!

It is here! Ride season has started for us Northerners. While we may not yet have rides in Alberta, there are some rides in the USA which are close enough for us to get to. After a fairly reasonable winter, I have still struggled to find time to ride and condition with work taking a […]

Overwhelmed by Generosity

With every little step of preparation I complete, the Mongol Derby becomes a little more real. My treasure chest arrived last week. In it, my rider T-shirt, the saddle bag I’ll use to carry only 11 pounds of gear for 10 days, and a myriad of other little treats like electrolyte tablets and a saddle […]

Knowing When to Part Ways

I always hesitate when it comes to discussing the dynamics of relationships, especially when it’s targeted at horse and rider combos. It’s a touchy subject fraught with controversy and, let’s face it, horse people are known to be an opinionated bunch to say the least. But, here I am about to enter no-mans-land because this […]

Spring Has Arrived!

Spring has finally arrived! Now I can only hope that it’s here to stay. It was a glorious day when I got out to the barn today. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and it was warm enough to ditch the jacket and just ride in a sweatshirt. I had a nice surprise […]