‘A’ Butterfly Project

I used the wooden letter today and everyone instantly touched it. I’m thinking that instead of drawing a letter on the cylinder I’ll attach a wooden letter (prototype) to one cylinder and see if the horses are safe when picking up ‘A’. If the wooden letter is too vulnerable I’ll try cardboard attached to the […]

‘A’ Challenge Complete

Today it’s August 30, 2015. On July 31 I started showing six horses the letter ‘A’, Zelador, Zeloso, Spring Song, Kye, Blue and Pax. On July 31 I set a challenge for myself: to present the letter ‘A’ to the horses every day for 30 days. Today after Bill and I brought the horses in […]

‘A’ Progression

From a friend who is also challenging herself to teach her horses letters of the alphabet: She’s working on her pony, Timbit, picking out the letters to spell the word ‘cat’. “I stuck Tim’s three letters in the bucket of sand. He didn’t select them in the order I anticipated – front, left and back […]

‘A’ Update

Today McGuire Fencing came to put in a fence dividing off a portion of our middle paddock. The new section will have permanent Working Equitation articles in it. Yippee! The fencers also replaced the sagging, old west side of the paddock east of the lower barn. Wow! It looks great. Both of these paddocks usually […]

‘A’nother Day of the Challenge

I’m using the ‘A’ on the wall made out of chalk and the ‘A’ I printed in Magic Marker on the light green box. Every horse went to the box or the wall when asked. I’m still positioning myself relatively close (within three feet) of the ‘A’ on the wall. The box can be quite […]

‘U’ and ‘V’

Usually this blog is about ‘U’ but this week we are going to talk about ‘V’ or Valor. I wanted to talk a bit about him this week as a comparison to ‘U’. Valor is my not yet two, two-year-old Azteca gelding. I have had Valor since he was about four months old. His weaning […]

‘U’ and Riding

‘U’ has been doing really well and, as you know, even participated in a clinic this year. He was also doing really well with regards to coming to the mounting block and inviting me to get on…or so I thought. He was happy to come to the block and even let me on. He was […]

“Low Carb” Diets for Horses

Horses that are overweight and/or have metabolic problems, are prone to laminitis, PSSM, which creates an increased need for low carb diets.

11th Annual Schomberg Farm Tour

Saturday March 14th was the 11th Annual Farm Tour. 466 visitors came to Winsong Farm between 10:00 and 3:00. The horses had a GREAT time! A few notes about the day: 1. I had mentioned on the Farm Tour ticket that Zelador would be in the arena at noon. That was his first of two […]

2015 Headwaters Stable Tour

Saturday July 11 was our first day on the 2015 Headwaters Stable Tour. Our second day is July 25. Our farm was open to visitors from 1:00 till 3:00. We decided we’d wait till someone came before we fetched a horse from a paddock. At 1:00 two people arrived! Bill entertained them at Pax’s paddock […]